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Parsley & Blue BFL Worsted 2022

Parsley & Blue BFL Worsted 2022


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Oh my!  Yarn freshly back from the Fiber Mill!  We shear our sheep once a year, wash the fleeces, then send them off to a small Fiber Mill where they are picked, carded, and spun into yarn.  It’s always so exciting when these boxes arrive!

Our 2022 fleeces were divided into white and natural and spun into 2 ply sport and worsted weights.

The Natural is named for our best buddy Parsley.  His fleece contributed along with Rosemary and our other natural Blue Faced Leicester sheep to the Natural colored batches.  Parsley is always so fun and first in line for chin scratches.

The White is named for both Blue Bell and Blue Boy.  Both their fleeces went into the white batches along with the rest of our pure white BFL.  So Blue it is!

The details:

2 ply Worsted weight 1,067 ypp approximately. 
Skeins are 150y each
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This yarn is also available in Sport weight Parsley and Blue.

The Fine Print:
Our Sheep spend their days outdoors roaming our pastures, basking in the sunshine chewing cud.  They have barn access at all times, and can munch on whatever suits their fancy including fresh green grass and hay.  Therefore, you will find occasional bits of hay in the yarn that can easily be removed while working with it.  These little bits are a gentle reminder that our fleeces are not highly processed commercial wools and stripped of all their character.

Our mill is a small run ran by a team of three women and spun on machinery where sometimes there may be thick or thin places in the yarn, this is to be expected and completely normal in locally produced yarn.  It reminds me of hand spun yarn!

These are pure Blue Faced Leicester (BFL) wool yarns and are not super wash treated.  Please hand wash in cool water and avoid temperature changes or agitating.  Use a good wool wash such as Soak or Eucalan.  Squeeze extra water out and as you would any hand knit or crochet item, lay flat to dry.

Our white and natural BFL yarns can be custom dyed.  DM to discuss.

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