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Welcome to New Garden Farm, the home of New Garden Yarns and Spindle & Loom Studio. Owned by husband and wife team Brett & Melissa Jones. Brett & Melissa have stayed in the area they grew up in, Excelsior Springs, Missouri, and raised their family on their farm located on South New Garden Road for over 25 years.
They raise Blue Faced Leicester sheep, and Melissa keeps busy creating and developing products for her two businesses; New Garden Yarns and Spindle & Loom Studio. She enjoys dyeing yarn, knitting, weaving, sewing and teaching.
Melissa Jones

Melissa loves to create. She loves all things created by hand and is a born maker. Her focus is on handcrafted items that will last made of natural, sustainable fibers, especially wool.
She fell in love with creating as a young child learning to sew in 4-H. The love of learning has given her the confidence to go forward with many new things in her life.
Several years ago she saw a spinning demo at Watkin’s Mill and was completely enthralled. That chance Saturday afternoon excursion opened up a window to fiber arts she didn’t realize existed. That day led to learning to spin, weave, dye yarns, teach and raise a flock of BFL sheep!
In the winter of 2021 in the midst of the pandemic, she launched her line of hand dyed yarns and yarns from the family’s flock of BFL sheep.

“All the beautiful colors really inspire my creative juices”
“So, so pretty, I love your handwoven towels. So thankful my friend got me in touch with you!”
“So amazed by the beautiful things that come off your loom.”
“ I love working with your yarn! The colors were perfect for my project!”-
Jen E.
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