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Snow Day Sock Set

Snow Day Sock Set


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I was asked by Julie of Twin Stitches Designs to create a special December Colorway for her Patreon group. Snow Day is the result!

Remember the excitement of a surprise day off of school because of an overnight snowfall?  The excitement of getting bundled up and spending the day out in the snow having snowball fights with your friends, sledding and building snow forts!  These are some of my favorite memories!

Snow day’s full skein of “Snowball Fight” is the clear blue of the sky after a storm, paired with “Cheeky” for all those rosy cheeks and noses, and “Brrr” for a dark blue truly frozen accent!  So fun with Julie’s Waiting for Snowfall, Cold Winter Nights (add a stripe or two!), Changing Seasons or for just some fun stripes like her Retro Throwback Socks!

Backyard Garden Fingering 75% SW Merino/25% Nylon
Snowball Fight 100g 463y
Brrr and Cheeky 20 g 94y each

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